Days’ Labor

In honor of Labor Day, I give you the fruits of the last several days’ labor:

(All pictures are clickable thumbnails; click to load a larger version)

First up, a new porch light complete with motion sensor, and, even more exciting, new exterior outlets on each end of the porch, all compliments of dad!

Next, a fully scraped and sanded porch floor, compliments of me, Jack and dad!

From there, we move on to the self-same porch floor with two new coats of primer (and a dusting of morning glory leaves), compliments of me, mom and Jack! (The porch floor is now all a rather disconcertingly bright white, though it doesn’t appear that way in the photos; I *think* the funky mottled look in the first picture might actually be a reflection of the porch wall off the bright white primer..)

And finally, a little arithmetic..

+ =


Yes, those are all tomatoes from my garden – both the counter full of Big Mamas and the bucket full of yellow pears. The peppers were all bought at a farmer’s market – though it does look like my pepper plants are actually going to produce at least some decent jalapeños in the next couple weeks! Our Garden Gurus came out today to help us make and “can” salsa; we ended up with 24 pint jars, 8 each in mild, medium and hot!


One thought on “Days’ Labor

  1. […] The end result is 26 pints and a dozen quarts of pasta sauce – most of it with summer squash & mushrooms, though there are some jars that are missing both, and 3 quarts and 6 pints with shitake mushrooms! There’d have been a couple more pints, but we couldn’t resist frying up some Italian sausage and trying it out for lunch with some garlic crescent rolls. MMMMMmmmm! Perfect fortification for more foraging in the garden, where, arriving just a few weeks late.. […]

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