Stuff and nonsense..

Ahem.. well.. yes. I’m still here, just.. well, fall term starts Tuesday and last week there was no doubt that everyone was returning to campus. At the moment, it’s less that there’s more demand for data (which there is, just not overwhelmingly so) that makes things so busy; it’s the sudden spike in meetings and receptions and committee work starting up. I was on campus for about two and a half days last week and attended one reception, one half-day workshop, one unit’s annual meeting, the Chancellor’s Fall Address, and the all-campus picnic. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

Unfortunately, including knitting. Though I did manage to make decent progress on the second Sprung sock during the half-day workshop, and even finished it in the car on the way back from the Cities (we went to the State Fair Friday to see Prairie Home Companion):

Sprung Socks Finished (Clickable thumbnail; I’m trying this out through Flickr for this post)

I like how the colors pooled in the leg on the second one better – it’s less like stripes and more like pools. The lace pattern has some depth to it which gives it some nice stretch, but also makes it difficult to photograph:

Sprung Socks detail

It looks like a lace ribbing, but there’s no purling in the pattern stitch.

Last weekend I finished both fronts of the Easy Lace Jacket and started the sleeves. The sleeves start with a section that is knit perpendicular to the rest of the sleeve (you knit it and then pick up stitches along the flat edge to start the sleeve), to get a dagged look:

Easy Lace Jacket Sleeve start

There’s no shaping to the sleeve until you get to the cap, so they’re going to be pretty wide down at the wrist:

Easy Lace Jacket Sleeve detail

I’m knitting both sleeves at the same time, but only took pictures of one.

Now that the semester is starting, I should have more knitting time, even though things are busier. Jack and I carpool into campus most days and since he prefers to drive, I get about an hour of knitting time in the car each day. I promised socks to a couple of co-workers last fall, though, so those will be my car knitting for at least the next couple weeks – I’m doing the 9-to-5 socks in KnitPicks Gloss in Woodland Sage for one, and am trying to decide between the Fools Rush socks (PDF) or the Charade socks in KnitPicks Memories in Redwood Forest for the other.


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