Rain, rain, go away..

Several days later, city administrators and home owners affected (effected? I never remember when to use which..) by the flooding in southeastern MN are exhausted. For as quickly as the damage was done, the clean up and recovery is slow, tedious work, made all the worse by the seemingly ceaseless rain that’s still falling daily.

The grey is simply draining; one could wish the water itself would drain so well.

Root River, Hokah, MN

Twin Creeks Golf Course, Hokah, MN

Hill s(l)ide, first house in Hokah heading east on Highway 44

Bottom of the hill in Hokah, near the Junction Inn

A flooded field outside Hokah, MN

Flooded farmland outside Hokah, MN

Flooded pasture between Hokah & La Crescent, MN

More fields and pastures..

.. and still more..

Approaching the Highway 26 bridge over the Root River & marshlands

Highway 26 bridge over the Root River & marshlands

Wednesday morning clean up continues in La Crescent, MN

Train tracks in La Crescent, MN, Wednesday morning

A small train bridge in La Crescent, MN, Wednesday morning; the flooding left the bridge intact, but sluiced away the ground supporting the tracks on either side leading up to and away from the bridge

As a woman in Rushford said this morning on Minnesota Public Radio, this isn’t the worst tragedy the nation has seen, but it’s still pretty bad. Many families are homeless and, due to the loss of many small businesses, without a means of income to support their families. Most of these homes are not in a flood plain and therefore weren’t covered by flood insurance. It’s unclear yet what, if anything, FEMA will be able to do to assist. If you want to help, you can donate money or time to the Red Cross. If you’re in the area, you can donate any of the following items to Nicole Wilkes at Houston County Women’s Resources (114 Main Street, Hokah, MN) for distribution to families in need:

  • Cleaning Products
  • Blankets/Bedding
  • Personal Care Items
  • Non-perishable Food Items (With Minimal Preparation)
  • Gift Cards for grocery, department, and hardware stores

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