“I’m just floating around over the ground, wondering where I’ll drip”

It’s been a bit soggy here in southeastern Minnesota this weekend:

(As usual, all photos are clickable thumbnails; click them to get a larger version.)

That’s our backyard and side yard as of about 9 a.m. this morning. At the far back corner, it’s about 4 inches deep. The water goes under the side fence out into the side yard. The apple tree is at the corner of what used to be a raspberry patch, which is on slightly higher ground and therefore not flooded. The garage and the car are also on similarly higher ground (and the tent is up off the floor).

This is a sort of impromptu rain gauge that I set out last night off the front porch. At that time, we had already gotten about 4 inches of rain according to the NWS, and about that much again by the time I took this picture. The Root River, which runs the length of the county about 10 miles north of us, is 3 feet above flood stage in Houston and not expected to recede fully until sometime Wednesday. According to the La Crosse Tribune:

County Road 16 between Hokah and Houston is closed due to mudslides. Highway 26 from Brownsville to the Iowa border is also closed. The Highway 76 bridge which crosses the Root River at Highway 16 is closed.

No word yet on the Highway 44 bridge across the Root River in Hokah, but if the bridge in Houston is closed, the Hwy 26 from Brownsville is closed, it’s a good bet that the bridge in Hokah will be as well.

Our basement is a bit flooded – it happens whenever we get a lot of heavy rain, so I knew to expect it – but sweeping the water toward the drain is working to keep the lake that keeps threatening to form at the bottom of the stairs at bay. Last night during the heaviest rain, I was going down about every half hour to sweep the water toward the drain and since I was up and down the stairs anyway, I decided to tend to some brewing. I bottled the apple wine/cider that I put up last fall – ended up with 10 22-ounce bottles out of two gallons of cider – and racked the Concord grape wine I started around the same time. The apple is extraordinarily sweet, so much so that it’s more like a cordial than a wine (and it’s technically not hard cider as it’s not carbonated – I just couldn’t bring myself to add *more* sugar to try to get it to carbonate!), but it will be tasty all the same this fall and winter warmed with maybe a dollop of rum and a splash of cream. The wine suffers the opposite problem and is so tart as to be near undrinkable. I added sugar at the last racking, and did so again last night. It’ll sit for awhile longer and then we’ll try it again. It tastes rather strongly of grape juice – which is a common occurrence with Concord wines – and may never be great, but I’d like it at least to be palatable.

All in all, though, it was a good weekend for my Ravelry invite to show up. *smile* I’m not entirely sure how much I’ll use Ravelry – it’s one of those things that I’m not quite sure I understand fully – but it has been fun to go through and post pictures of past projects and see who’s working on what. Like Facebook, I’m not sure yet of the standard for who I should “friend” – is this like adding a feed to my Bloglines list, or does it imply a somewhat more personal connection? – but if you feel so inclined, my username is verymelm.

Ravelry uses Flickr as the photo hosting service, which is well and good, and the interface is very easy, but I don’t think I’ll switch my main hosting over from Photobucket. I loaded the photos for this post into Flickr this morning, but couldn’t figure out how to get to the code that would let me embed them into a post. I could create individual posts for each photo, but couldn’t seem to get to the code that would let me drop several photos into a single post. *shrug* I did, however, update the photo for the Easy Lace Jacket in Ravelry since I completed the back last weekend and have about a third of the two front pieces completed now:

I decided to work both front pieces at the same time so that I could be sure to get the shaping matched. I might have misread the directions for the front at the seam edge, but if I did, I think I prefer how I choose to do it anyway. Decreasing over the lace pattern is tricky because there are paired decreases and increases and I wanted to maintain some integrity along the edge where the seam will run. The way I did it – knit the first/last 6 stitches at the seam edges – allows me to do all 5 decreases in stockinette and still have a selvedge stitch for the seam. Because the solid columns are 5 stitches wide, it doesn’t look like the column is wider, either.

I’ll also admit that I’m a bit surprised that there aren’t ways to track spinning projects in Ravelry (or if there is, I haven’t found them). There are certainly spinners on the site – and many of them do seem to post their spinning stash in addition to their yarn stash – but it doesn’t appear that you can create a “spinning” project to show progress pictures of how certain fleeces were blended and spun up. Maybe that’s something they’ll expand in the future; I hope so because I really enjoy seeing how people work with fleece to create custom rolags and rovings.

Speaking of spinning, my love brought me booty back from war:

8 ounces of Honey Tussah silk; it’s delightfully soft and absolutely gorgeous. It will match the silk and camel that I’ve been working on, and there should be quite enough of it to make something a bit larger than your typical shawl or scarf.


5 thoughts on ““I’m just floating around over the ground, wondering where I’ll drip”

  1. Cathy-Cate says:

    Just browsing knitting tags, and had to comment — I’m just across the river in La Crosse. Where my house is on the South Side, the official tally is over 10 inches of rain, but other than some street flooding and cars on lawns, all is ok here. Not a day to go anywhere, though. Staying home and knitting with a nice cup of tea sounds like the plan for me.

  2. Cathy-Cate says:

    PS, is that a Pooh quote in the title? Sounds familiar!
    : )

  3. Judy G. says:

    That’s a Disney Pooh quote. (“I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over your honey tree…”etc.)

    I would gladly send my man off to war if he brought back the same kind of booty. I’d be more likely to get a lot of dirty laundry and maybe a teapot (which wouldn’t be so bad.)

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