Red letter day!

Whee! Look what I got today!

Hee hee.. they’re *monkeys*! *GRIN*

And they were born in Oklahoma and Duluth, MN.

And they brought friends – a very fun little retractable sheep tape measure, a nifty little pin cushion thing (is it knit? it’s very kuhl..), and an Oklahoma Sooners t-shirt.

All complements of my most awesome upstream Sockapalooza pal, Rhonda! She and her husband, who is in the Marine Corp, are stationed at Fort Sill, but spent their summer vacation in her home town (gotta love a fellow Minnesotan) of Duluth, where her dad worked at US Steel. I hope she’s not having too warm of a summer back down in Oklahoma and I can’t wait to wear my Monkeys!

And since today is already a red letter day, I figured I’d post a picture of the progress I’ve made this week on my White Lies Designs Easy Lace Jacket:

This is the back, about half finished.

The yarn is Cascade 220 in color 9404. It’s a bit darker than the picture shows, but not a lot. This is a very quick little knit and it’s fairly mindless – I’ve been knitting it mostly while watching movies this week. I might make it through the rest of the back by the end of the weekend.. I have a couple more movies to watch before Jack gets home from his trip!


2 thoughts on “Red letter day!

  1. Rhonda says:

    I am glad to see your package arrived and the socks look like they fit. As you know, it is hard to knit for a foot that is not there to try on the socks. I wasn’t sure if you already had Monkey socks but it is such a great pattern I had to make them. I hope you enjoy the socks during your cold winter months. I enjoyed making them.

  2. nova says:

    Your socks are great, and the ones you knit for me are great too! Thanks so much Teej! I love them. I will post about them later today when I have a moment!

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