A few weeks ago when I was out on the left coast, Cat, my friend who so graciously provided me with a place to sleep and played tour guide for much of my wandering, said she couldn’t let me leave empty-handed. Being a spinner herself, she gifted me with two lovely skeins of handspun silk singles in a deep aqua. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.

Several months ago I acquired six skeins of Morehouse Merino Lace weight in an assortment of colors – white, light turquoise, aqua, purple, red and heather grey – from the DeStash blog (sadly now defunct, but there’s a new one here). They won’t all work in a single garment (at least not to my color sensibilities), so I knew I’d need to match them with others to make something. As soon as I saw Cat’s handspun silk, I *knew* it would work beautifully with the white, turquoise, and aqua as a shawl or scarf.

The trick was finding a pattern that would work with the yardage I have (each of the skeins of Morehouse is about 220 yards, but there is likely about 360 yards of the silk going by weight and the yardage on the Morehouse as they’re very close in grist) – about 1020 yards – and look okay with the color gradations going from light to dark and back again (or vice versa).

Apparently, it’s Catalina! (Apologies for the blurry picture.. seems to be a trend lately.)

I love the scrollwork look of this shawl and since Cat is also a scribe, and the confluence of names is just too much to resist, this yarn can be none other. I haven’t decided yet if the silk will be the center (and therefore the “back”) or the ends, yet (though I’m leaning toward the ends because there’s more of if and I don’t want there to be a *huge* block of it in the center so that the other colors look like afterthoughts), and it would seem I have a few weeks to make the decision as I also don’t have the right needles for the pattern (US 2 24-inch circular) and KnitPicks is showing that they won’t have them available to ship until the 15th. (I’m also ordering US 1’s because I tend to knit loosely and might need to go down a needle size.)

All the same, now that I’ve picked out the pattern, I’m impatient to get started, especially as Jack will be traveling all next week so I’ll have lots of time to sit and knit. Yes, yes, I’ll likely finish the Sprung socks and possibly even work on the sweater I started a year ago, or start one of the other two that I have yarn for, but I’m excited *now* to knit Catalina. *pout*


2 thoughts on “Impatience.

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  2. Cat says:

    I cannot believe my RSS feed for your journal had dropped off somehow without me noticing, and lately I’ve been re-checking all my subscriptions and catching up on old posts.

    I *LOVE* your plans for the blue silk hand-spun! *squee*

    And guess what? I’m thinking I just might start knitting…. *giggle*

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