Saturday in the garden

It’s a beautiful day here in southern MN and after having been away for a week, I decided to take a stroll around the gardens to see how things are doing. Admittedly, it was the appearance of this lovely little blossom that started it all:

(All pictures are clickable thumbnails; click them to load a larger version.)

That’s one of the balloon flowers we planted last month and our Garden Guru(tm) told me when we planted them that they may not actually bloom again this year, but not to worry if they didn’t as long as the plant stayed green. I was quite surprised to see them bloom, therefore, and happily reminded of why I wanted them in the front garden as I truly love the shape and color of these delicate blossoms.

Also in bloom in the front garden are the cosmos:

Such a lovely brightness always brings a smile to my face! I have to admit that I didn’t think they’d be so tall, but I’m glad of them all the same.

And speaking of tall, our biennial hollyhocks are the magenta and the white this year and they seem to be doing just fine back by the garage:

The vegetable garden, of course, is going strong and we’ve already started harvesting some of the onions:

We should be able to start using some of the basil (right middle section above) soon, too, but the peppers (right top section) might have been started too late to actually produce anything this year.

The tomatoes are *huge*! Much larger than I anticipated. And all of them are currently bearing fruit, albeit all still green:

Sungolds (sweet cherry-sized)
Yellow Pear (yellow (obviously) cherry-sized)
Big Mama (large, red, paste tomatoes)

I’ve let the side garden go a bit this summer and haven’t been as good about clearing out the bits that we don’t want to encourage, especially the walnut trees that we can’t quite seem to completely kill, but it’s still in full bloom and doing just fine:

Even the apple trees are happily producing fruit, though I’m still unsure if it’s harvestable given that we don’t do anything to keep worms and bugs and such away from the trees

Small tree in back yard; this is, we think, only the second year this one has produced fruit
Large tree in side yard

I have a goal of actually harvesting apples one of these years and doing at least one pressing of cider to use to make apple wine and/or hard cider. I made a couple gallons last fall with bought cider and would like to do so every year so we always have some in the cellar for those crisp fall evenings.


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