Hero worship.

My parents are my heroes. It’s really not just a saying.. they can do amazing things. Witness the magic of Mom:

Wide shot of the door, with the new patch
Closer shot of the door repair
Back center right repair/patch
Back center left repair/patch

This was completed in about two and a half hours. The seams are rolled and sealed, so that there are no exposed edges, inside or out. For most of the patches, the rolled seams are on the inside of the pavilion (the patch in the back center left is “inside out” because we had a miscommunication about which side she was working with).

We sprayed all the patches very well with silicone water-proofing stuff, especially at the seams, and then re-sprayed as much of the rest of the canvas with the same stuff as we could; we didn’t quite have enough to do the whole tent, but I noticed when I was rinsing off the bleach water I scrubbed the stains out with that for the most part, the non-stained parts were still well water-proofed, so it was mostly a precaution anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the whims of the weekend..


One thought on “Hero worship.

  1. Liz says:

    Your mom is awesome! It looks great! I couldn’t have done better.

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