Welcome (back)!

Hi there! New digs. No, no particular reason other than that I wanted to try something new. *shrug* The old posts from my Blogger blog have all been transferred, but the links in the sidebar from the ABC-along from last year still link to the Blogger posts. I might fix it; I might not. *shrug*

Moving on, I’m overdue to deliver a picture of the wonderful goodies I received last week from Crystal, my Fiber Swap partner:

(click to make it bigger)

It’s really quite a cache and I can’t wait to free up one of my spindles (or buy more? *grin*) to try out some of this gorgeousness. She sent me a sampler pack of plant fibers, which I am all ga-ga over because I’ve really wanted to try to spin plant fibers, but have been really hesitant to buy a bunch in case I can’t figure out how to make it work. In the little ziploc bag is some cotton (in lint form and some carded), soy silk, and flax – just enough to get a feel for how it all might work without committing to several ounces without trying it first! The heathered brown is alpaca (yes, I know, it’s staying in the plastic to keep it drool-free until I’m ready to spin it up) that Crystal carded herself. The multi-colored bunch is merino – which she *apologized* for because I’ve worked with merino quite a bit before, but my goodness! I work with it because I like it and I’ve never worked with anything so wonderfully & colorfully dyed; I can’t wait to spin this up and see how the colors work in the spinning and how it will turn out when plied. The incredibly soft and luscious blue is Colonial roving. It’s to *die* for it’s so soft. I’ve never worked with Colonial and I’m really, really looking forward to trying this stuff out (hopefully I’ll be able to spin it up into yarn that’s as soft as the roving is)!

This package was perfectly timed, coming on the heels of my recent adventures at Cottage Fibers in Kansas City with Cate & Sara: I worked on spinning up the Clun Forest lambs wool that is currently occupying the drop spindle Cate sent me so that I can free it up to try out something new and it’s been going very well. I’m hoping to get enough to two-ply it into a skein that can be my first dyeing experiment to be used as accent in a pair of socks. I’m also trying to figure out a way to go somewhere to test drive wheels.. I sort of tried one out at Cottage Fibers, but I need to go somewhere when I have more time and a larger variety (though for a smaller shop, Cottage Fibers had lots of wheels!) so I can really get a feel for the differences between wheels.

As I mentioned, I made some decent progress on my Sockapalooza IV pal’s socks at the cabin and have continued to work on them some this weekend. Here they are, as of sometime this afternoon:

(click to make it bigger)

For those who might just be joining in, these are being knit from Brown Sheep‘s Wildfoote in the Ragtime colorway (the color on the Brown Sheep website really isn’t accurate for these skeins.. the photo above is color accurate on my monitor) on US1 needles. The pattern is by Cookie A.Baudelaire from last summer’s Knitty. I think that by more or less random planning I managed to find both yarn and a pattern that is right in line with what my pal said she wanted (which I won’t detail here lest she stumble on over here accidentally!) and even though I feared they might be too small and not stretchy, they fit me pretty well and she has feet that are almost exactly my size.


2 thoughts on “Welcome (back)!

  1. pixel says:

    You’re perfectly welcome to try out my Traveller anytime you’re in the area.

  2. Those are some beautiful fibers! I want to take up spinning sometime in the very near future (because I need another hobby! Ha!) I’ve been planning on trying Baudelaire! Any opinions on the pattern?

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