Another quickie..

Gnorm arrived from Kirkland, WA while I was in Kansas City! I was afraid that would happen, but I think things will work out okay. I’ll get a chance to take him around a bit today and tomorrow morning before packing him up and sending him off on his merry way again tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll post pictures of my recently finished items, and a progress shot of my Sockapalooza pal’s socks hopefully sometime this evening. I did some minor stash acquisition with Cate & Sara in Kansas City, though, and there’s a photo of Gnorm checking it out in the post linked above. It’s truly gorgeous and I’m contemplating looking for another lightweight spindle so I won’t have to wind off the Firefox silk & baby camel to start the cashgora! And I also need to contact the shop owner and see if she’ll send me some of the angora bunny fiber that I meant to grab, too.

Gotta run!


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