Almost Random Wednesday

In no particular order..

I finished Ghost Map tonight. I have to say that the historical bits were getting a little tiring toward the end, but he caught my interest and attention again in the last two chapters. Quite a bit to think about with on that front, especially in terms of the environmental impact of cities per capita. It brought me back around to thinking about trying to pick up an undergrad course in Epidemiology so that I can go back at some point for a Masters in Public Health.

It caught my attention as I started Leaving Atlanta that the Acknowledgements in Ghost Map are at the end, but in Leaving Atlanta they’re at the beginning. I may be a bit off in this, but I usually read the author’s acknowledgements which is why I noticed this. The names aren’t ever anyone I know, but I feel somehow that reading them is important. I guess it’s somehow related to the idea that we all, no matter what endeavors we undertake, owe acknowledgement for love and laughter and support and assistance to those around us but it seems we rarely remember how important all of it is until we get to the end of something.. or.. well, maybe the beginning of something.

Today was Bad Politics(tm) day at work. Nothing that I was directly involved with, but it seemed that lots of folks around me were caught up in some sort of bad juju. Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be better.

I’ve started working on the Blue Willow Cardigan again and have (finally) divided for the front and back. This means that for the first time since I started knitting this one, I was able to stretch it all out and realize just how long the rows for that first 12 inches were:

It’s too long for a single picture and I wasn’t feeling quite motivated enough to try to figure out how to graft the two pictures together. *shrug* The ruler is there for scale, but also in a (mostly vain) attempt to unroll the bottom edge. Here’s a slightly more detailed shot of just the back:

This is also the first opportunity I’ve had to more or less wrap the body around me to see if it’s going to fit – I’ve been plagued with sweaters that end up .. off. The raglan I made a couple years ago has sleeves just a touch too short; Rogue is slightly too small; and my Fair Isle 101 is slightly too loose, especially around the neck, etc. This one will have a 3 inch Fair Isle border added all around the front edge and the bottom, and I think that once that’s in place, this one will fit well enough. I may not be able to button it, but in truth I so rarely button cardigans that I doubt it will matter.

I’m in meetings at work for the next three days pretty much solid. Tomorrow I have some reprieve in the late afternoon, but Thursday and Friday are booked straight through with back-to-back demos of several of the PeopleSoft functional unit components for their student information system. I’m .. cautiously optimistic at the moment that the living hell we’ll endure over the next 2-ish years during conversion and initial implementation will be worth it in the end. At least, I am most of the time.

We have not done any additional work in the upstairs bathroom. I alternate between feeling guilty about this and knowing that our lives our busy and the bathroom can wait. I feel quite a bit more guilty about the dust, which just accentuates the fact that I haven’t vacuumed in.. longer than I care to admit. Maybe tomorrow.


One thought on “Almost Random Wednesday

  1. Mazzie says:

    I am the same way about acknowledgements! (And lately, I am especially interested and envious of what authors say about their editors.) I was acknowledged in two books while I was at Cornell (*preen*); the best part about that was that I typed and/or copy edited them, so I could make sure my name was spelled correctly.
    I’m 65 pages into Tayari’s Jones’s next book, The Untelling, and I’m afriad you’re going to have to carve out some time for it in your spring/summer reading. Captivating.
    Also, I’ve put down my knitting needles (*gasp*) for something even more matronly: cross stitch. If I could tell you how much great satisfaction I get from all those little exes, you’d think I was mad for sure. And the fact that it takes hours to get an inch square all exed just makes me happier.

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