Saturday morning in the backyard..

We have a nesting pair of cardinals in our neighborhood that appear to come back each year (or at least, we have at least one pair every year, even if it’s not the same ones). My mom suggested that we put out a tray feeder with safflower in it because, unlike black oil sunflower seeds, they won’t try to seed in our lawn and the squirrels don’t like it, but the birds do. Especially the cardinals (you’ll have to click the pictures to make them big enough to really see – it’s the male in both, and possibly a juvenile at that; in the first he’s in the apple tree and in the second he’s in the shadows on the ground).

And the doves.

The finches, on the other hand, at least the goldfinches, seem to prefer the shelled sunflower seeds in the upright feeder. The purple finches will eat either, though.

We’ve also had several dozen juncoes (I’m not sure if that’s spelled properly) the last couple of weeks – little black and grey guys that will sometimes eat from the platform feeder, but more often pick stuff other birds have spilled on the ground.


One thought on “Saturday morning in the backyard..

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m looking forward to some interesting growth under the bird feeder- the sparrows, finches and redpolls made a terrible mess this winter. The chickadees are a little tidier (and infinitely cuter), and the woodpecker just dropped in during the late afternoon. The blue jays were funny- couldn’t get a grip on the bird feeder (the ledge was too narrow) and fell off every time. We had robins nesting in the shed last year (built on top of the croquet set hanging from the ceiling) but the door’s shut this year. We’ll see if there’s any action!

    Judy G.

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