Wilcoxon has a hat..

Okay, so really it’s the start of my next pair of socks – just a plain stockinette foot so far, but my first every toe up sock. I used the Magic Cast On, which took me a bit to wrap my head around, but now that I have it, I have it, you know? I looked for patterns to use for the foot and decided that cables would get lost in the color changes and lace would be too busy, so this pair will pr’bly just be straight stockinette with maybe a ribbed ankle. I’ve wanted to learn to do toe-up socks for awhile because I never seem to make the ankles long enough to wear comfortably under boots when I do them top down.

Unfortunately, now I need to go practice my drum for a while. We have a sort of big performance next week and it’ll be my first time performing all four of our pieces. Two of them I’m really comfortable with, the third I’m mostly set for, but the fourth I manage to get lost in the middle of almost every time. :/


3 thoughts on “Wilcoxon has a hat..

  1. SaraSkates says:

    tell me you don’t name all of your stuffed things after stat tests … 😉

  2. KC says:

    Nice socks! I think you will like toe up, I find that I have more control of the fit because I can try them on as I go! I look forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Mazzie says:

    I thought I was using that cast on for toe-up socks, too. when I went back for a refresher for my latest pair (on yummy yarn sent by a lovely, beautiful friend in minneconsin:)) I realized I was doing it “wrong.” I just wrap the two needles in figure eights and knit those. *shrug* works for me!

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