Teapots, part two.

As promised, here’s a picture of my other teapot:

This one is a bit more conventional – but rather uneven. The knob on the top isn’t properly centered, the ridge is a little crooked. It’s also somewhat considerably smaller:

(The tea bag steeping is actual a variety of Chai, not the Lipton Green Tea, but I left in the Lipton package to show scale a little better.)

It is just about the right size for a single cup, which works well at work because I can heat water in a mug and in the teapot at the same time, steep a tea bag in both and have one cup ready made in my mug and a second already steeped when I’m finished with the first. It’s also a useful vessel for heating water for other uses – like instant oatmeal or those noodle cup things – because it’s easier to pour out of than a coffee mug.

Not as exciting as the other, but still suits its purpose rather well. I’m hoping that by tomorrow I’ll be able to round out my little teapots series with my latest acquisition (thanks again to Sara for pointing this one out)!

I made more progress on the Peek a boo sleeve last night and this morning in the car and I’ve only got a couple inches left to go.

Today is just flying by, though, pr’bly because I had a dentist appointment this morning to get the permanent crown I lost a couple weeks ago replaced permanently. Despite past dental trauma (yes, even for somthing as “easy” as placing a permanent crown), this morning’s appointment was a cinch, so I’m in a much better mood than I expected I would be!


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