My feet hurt. I think that the new running shoes I got yesterday need some more arch support. I knew that the two new pair of boots I got would need it and suspected the running shoes would as well, but a day spent walking around Cranfest in them pretty much confirmed it.

I have just over 4 pounds of Clun Forest lambs wool. I’ll be sending it to Blackberry Ridge later this week so they can clean it and process it into roving. I decided that while I am capable of cleaning it myself, I currently have no means to comb or card it myself. For this batch it will be cheaper to send it to them for processing – $14.35 for the cleaning and pr’bly about that much for processing – than to purchase stuff to process it on my own, and it will be far faster.

Speaking of wool, I also picked up 4 ounces of a pumpkin heather wool roving at Cranfest. So.. yeah.. I’m getting quite the fiber stash. I have 3 pounds of merino roving, the aforementioned Clun Forest, and then this little bit, which should keep me busy for awhile. *smile* Oh, and the grey merino is almost finished. I weighed the first little skein and it’s only 41 grams, so this next skein will be a bit bigger.

Hrm.. it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Mom’s Panobo is finished but-for blocking and weaving in the ends. I started working on the Breezy Cables cardigan for Judy this weekend and it’s coming along nicely. I’m about two skeins and two and a half pattern repeats into the back. When I started it I was initially concerned that it was going to be futzy with all the little 1/1 cables and the monstrous 3/4 cables, but it’s turned out to be pretty easily memorized and not really all that futzy, especially since I’m not doing the bobbles (hate bobbles.. both knitting them and how they look). I’ll try to get pictures once it gets light out tomorrow.


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