O is for Oblique.

Yes, fine, I’m cheating. I can’t come up with a good O post and this.. well.. works.. in a way..

I’m not what you’d call a “chocolate lover”. Most chocolate desserts are too rich and gooey and.. chocolaty. Fessing up to this tends to get me looks akin what to I’d expect if I said something like “After I cut off his feet…”. Don’t get me wrong – good plain chocolate (as in chocolate bars or candy pieces) I’m fine with. It’s those “death by chocolate” type desserts that are just too much.

However, mix the chocolate in one of those gooey desserts with something like caramel or mint, and I’m all good. Which would explain why the huge brownie with half an inch of mint frostening, consumed in bites between crises today, made things.. bearable.

In other news, I promised pictures.

First up – recent fleece acquisitions. The front left is the peacock merino (2 pounds!) and the front left is the khaki merino (1 pound) roving from Mary Kay. It’s very soft and very lovely and I imagine it will be rather dreamy to spin. The back is the 4 ounces of camel down I picked up at the state fair a couple weeks ago. I was warned that this has a short staple and likely to be slippery, but I think after the merino superwash, it will be okay.

Speaking of which, I rinsed and hung the skein I plied and wound it into a skein. I was pleased to see it didn’t seem to unply much in the process, though it did bloom a bit and is gorgeously soft stuff.

And here’s Rogue, all seamed up, but unblocked. The sleeve picture is pr’bly the most color accurate. The seam in the hood is a little wonky and I’m pretty sure I screwed something up in the decreases for the top of the hood because it’s not really flat, but I rather like how the hems turned out, even if the bottom hem left a visible line where it caught in the back.

And here it is blocking. I’m relieved that it relaxed and stretched out quite a bit once I soaked it, so here’s hoping it will be quite comfy when it’s dry. You can see in the picture on the left what I mean about the hood being sort of wonky. Not sure why some of these pictures look all washed out.. the one on the right is more color accurate.

And last, at least for the pictures for now, is the red Rowan River Tape I got from Saun. This is slated for a holiday project, so it’s likely the last you’ll see of it until January.


One thought on “O is for Oblique.

  1. Momo says:

    OMG, your rogue is so gorgeous, even in it’s unblocked state! I love the color. It’s rather what a rogue should be I think. Good luck with the spinning!

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