Would it be cheating..

.. to send the lamb fleeces to Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill for cleaning and carding into roving? Even if I don’t have a means to card the wool? I hope not. *smile*

I think I’ll pr’bly still wash it at home, though I might just box it all up as is and send it off to them. I think I have about 3-4 lbs, but I’ll have to figure out how to weigh it (if I dump it all in the mesh sack and weigh myself with the sack and then just weigh myself and subtract, that should be pretty close). I just need to figure out whether I’m willing to pay them $8.25 a pound to get it back in usable form… Considering how inexpensive the fleeces were, I’m tempted. For $33 plus shipping, though.. hrm.

In other news, I think I’m going to bring Rogue with me to the cabin this weekend and seam it up. It’s getting chillier here in the evenings and that means it’ll soon be sweater-wearing season! I’m also going to bring up the Blackberry Ridge Blue Willow cardigan sweater kit (with blackberry trim) my sister got me for Christmas last year and try to get it started. This one scares me a little because it’s really gorgeous and I don’t want to screw it up, but I also really want to wear it, and that won’t happen until I finish it! I’ll have to look tonight to see what needles I need for it – I think last I checked, I didn’t have all the needles I’d need, but that might have changed.


One thought on “Would it be cheating..

  1. mamacate says:

    Definitely send it. When it’s a fleece that deserves to be prcoessed by hand, it will tell you. You’ll know. If the fleeces aren’t skirted, you should talk to the processor about whether she’s willing to skirt for you (and how much she will charge to do so), or you should take them outside and skirt the heck out of them yourself before packing them up. Your spinning deserves the best wool, so get rid of any second cuts or tags or anything that isn’t gorgeous. Here’s a detailed description of shearing icelandics http://www.icelandicsheep.com/Winters_work.htm

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