Anyone who doesn’t believe that the global climate is effected by all the polutants we’ve poured into the atmosphere the last several decades should be in DC this week. It’s been raining, hard, for the last 48 hours (registration required).

Which in some ways makes it not so bad to be stuck in a computer classroom all day watching people read off their PowerPoint slides describing the various postsecondary national datasets. I mean, at least the classroom is air conditioned.

And learning about the datasets is neat, but I wish they were able to let us loose and do more hands on stuff instead of just projecting slides at us and talking about the data. Which is important – we need to know about the methodology for the surveys and the data considerations and how to use the weights (especially for the longitudinal surveys) – but not very exciting.

But! I have knitting. Socks, no less, which are small and mindless and unobtrusive. And I expect to have two pairs completed by the end of the week. I finished the first sock today – one of a pair from Artyarns Handpaint Stripes – and expect to finish the pair tomorrow or at the latest Wednesday morning. Thursday through Saturday will be spent working on a pair in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca & Silk in Chestnut. Mmm.. I think I need to find some mindless but pretty pattern for the alpaca and silk socks.. possibly Hedera.


One thought on “Sticky.

  1. Mazzie says:

    I can’t believe you finished that sock today!
    I am officially a slacker.
    And yes, 74 degrees and 96% humidity is hard to take. I got soaked to the bone helping george move furniture tonight.
    hope you’re getting swimming in.
    love you.

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