So, I started out yesterday morning wearing my completed Brioche Bodice for the Very First Time, paired with a simple, knee-length grey knit skirt:

Apologies for angle of the self-portrait.. Here’s one of it flat, but it’s almost as bad an angle the other way..

And somewhere in the course of the day, I ended up wearing this (note the cute black sandals – those are the ones I got in Chicago):

No, it’s not because the Brioche Bodice is a touch too see-through to wear without something underneath it (it is, but it wasn’t so bad that I felt I couldn’t survive a day in it). Neither is it because I had a terribly tragic accident and had to change my clothing.

No, much more nefarious, it was a plot hatched by my co-workers (faces intentionally blurred).

See, Fran (she’s the second from the left) is retiring. And apparently some weeks ago, Betsy (she’s the one in the middle) wore this dress to the office and Fran commented that it looked awfully familiar. And it was a nice little chuckle and we all forgot about it (well, to be honest, I never knew about it.. my office is somewhat removed from the central office, so I tend to be rather out of the loop on these kinds of things).

Until yesterday when Fran and Betsy both showed up in the dress. And, as coincidence would have it, yesterday was Fran’s retirement party (you were wondering how that figured into all this, weren’t you?), so the collective mind that is the females in the central office decided we all needed the dress. And it was even on sale – half off of $40 – and an unnamed accomplice was willing to run out for all of us who were scheduled into meetings and interviews and other Very Important Activities(tm) and get them for us in time for us to be a sort of warped version of the Bobsey Twins at the party yesterday afternoon.

(I admit it, my arm was twisted – I’m not usually one for smocking in dresses, but I need some more summer work clothes, and it was all for a good laugh, so I caved. I have to admit that other than the smocking, I rather like the dress. And the smocking is sort of growing on me. Or at least, I haven’t felt the need to rip it off my body yet.)


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The dress looks cute on you. And I like the bodice. I don’t think the neckline is too low, or is this the fixed version?


  2. Teej says:

    Oh, yeah! This is the fixed version. And it’s not the neckline that’s an issue (anymore), it’s that if you look at it straight on, it’s sort of fish-net-like – you can clearly make out my bra and see my skin through the stitches. I’ll need to either line it or find another tank that fits the profile of this one well enough to wear under it (might be difficult because the neckline is still a bit lower than most tanks I own).

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s hysterical. I even like the dress (says the one who wears one about once every oh – 3 years or so). The shoes are great too. AND the bodice – that might have to go into my own queue.
    _Sara http://www.saraskates.typepad.com

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