Okay, just a quicky, a teaser if you will, but I had to share.

I just found out that I’m getting my very own pottery wheel!!

I’m so excited about this. It’s a little treadle wheel and I’m getting it for far less than I thought I’d be able to get a wheel for, which has me a little concerned (no, I haven’t seen pictures or the actual wheel yet, but I trust the person who notified me about it to not lead me down a path of disappointment) about the condition it will be in, but given that it’s a treadle (e.g., non-electric, hence no motor, which is the expensive part) I think it will be just fine. I have been warned that the legs will need leveling, but I’m really not at all concerned about the frame – that’s just wood and easily repaired/replaced if needed.

ROCK ON!! Yea!!

I’ll post more about the wheel once I get it (hopefully I can pick it up Friday, but I won’t be home again after that until after Chicago, so you’ll pr’bly have to wait for pictures for a bit), but I did manage to get lots of pictures of the various gardens and trees around the yard and *gasp* some actual knitting progress pictures taken this weekend, so I’ll post those later.

My very own wheel..! This is so terribly kuhl!


2 thoughts on “STOKED!

  1. spaazlicious says:

    ooooh, that green glow to your west, yeah that’s me and my envy. Can’t wait to hear more when you get it and start showin’ off yer stuff!

  2. Momo says:

    How cool! I’ve never tried one before, but I’ve always wanted to.

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