Catching up..

Olympic knitting proceeds apace. I finished the first sleeve last night:

I knit it in the round to the point where the shaping for the sleeve cap started and then finished flat. If you look closely, you can tell where I switched (other than by noting where the decreases start) because my purl gauge doesn’t match my knit gauge so the rows are a little uneven. I’m sure that blocking/the first tumble through with Dryel will even that out.

Still haven’t blocked the body. I think I’ve decided to take mamacate’s suggestion and weave in the ends and tighten up the seam first and then I may just run it through the dryer with Dryel to even things out. Yes, I know, I really should properly block it, but I’m still concerned that just soaking it and pinning it really won’t even things out enough. In any case, I hope to try to get some of that finished tonight (though I have plans for much-needed drinks after work, so that may be all that gets done tonight).

I’m glad this one is almost finished though. While I normally do knit at least some most days, I’m finding that I have to knit a lot more regularly and for longer periods to keep up the pace I need to finish this sweater on time. If I weren’t on the deadline, I would likely take another week or two to finish a sweater of this size and construction.

And, Monday was Rogue night! Yea! I think I might have overdone it a bit in trying to catch up to G, though as my hands and wrists are a bit sore today.

I have something like 20 rows left before I divide for front and back. I rather like it so far and really can’t wait to finish it. Keeping it to just Monday nights after this week is going to be hard! Good thing I have at least three or four other projects I can start to keep me occupied the rest of the week.

And, as I expected, I did attach the pocket to the body this week and I really rather like how they did the pocket. I’ve never done a knit-in pocket before and I like how smooth it looks. I think if I were to do something like this again, I might make the pocket a little deeper (assuming I can figure out how to do it and keep it looking neat).


2 thoughts on “Catching up..

  1. Liz says:

    The Rogue looks good! Nice color! You are not too far behind me. My wrist was killing me on Tuesday! Wow. I think I did overdue it.
    Maybe we should run through warm ups on Monday.

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