No photos yet.

Right then.. I’ve been lax and haven’t taken photos of everything I finished for the holiday knitting, namely the tank I made my sister that I really liked (and fit!) that I’m going to be making another of for me. I also never posted my first little ball o’ yarn. And since I finished spinning the fleece mamacate sent me over the weekend, I’ve decided to wait until I get the rest wound into a center-pull ball to post pictures. So you’ll just have to be patient a little longer.

But, I finished spinning the fleece mamacate sent me and am starting to figure out how to warp the rigid heddle loom so I can make something woven with it. Two new adventures in fiber rolled up in one project! In the meantime, I’m planning to try to play again with the fleecy bits Pixel gave me awhile back and see if they’re as easy to spin as the fleece.

I’m still almost finished with the first sleeve on Jack’s sweater. Wasn’t in the mood to knit much this weekend, which is pr’bly just a reaction from the last push to get the holiday knitting finished and a sense that I really ought to get both looms warped, oh and there’s another bobbin lace project more or less hanging on the edges that I wouldn’t mind getting started. I did full his FuzzyFeet, though, so sometime in the next couple days I’ll put the little soles on them and he’ll have cozy feet.

I didn’t take any extra days off this holiday and I’m starting to contemplate whether I want to take a day off more or less at random just to do some project work. I might just decide to devote MLK, Jr. day to projects instead, since I get that off and we appear not to have solid plans that weekend.

Have been wondering whether I want to join some of the various “rings” out there – specifically the one for academics who knit and maybe one of the other more general fibery ones. I’d like the exposure in terms of getting more feedback on my work from those more skilled and knowledgeable than me, but am also a little concerned that I don’t do enough to warrant steady reading from a larger audience. Then again it seems that some of those are so large that it’s not really an exposure thing so much as an extra bit to throw up in the sidebar. *shrug* If anyone has thoughts on the pros/cons of this, drop a comment.


One thought on “No photos yet.

  1. mamacate says:

    Go ahead and do it! Especially the academic knitblogger ring–we’re a pretty low-key bunch, as you can imagine. Most people use bloglines, so there’s no pressure to post–readers will know when you do because bloglines will show a new post.

    I admit that as I have more readers (and people send me stuff and I participate in the “community” more), I feel more pressure to blog, but that’s just my own nature. I took a little while before I jumped into the fray and signed up for a few rings. They bring readers, but it’s not a deluge. There are so many knitblogs that it seems like relationships are mostly based on comments, RAOK/SP type things, and in-person meetups, in order of importance. But I think you can make your blog exactly what you want it to be, and you’ll get back what you put into it. That’s been my experience, at least.

    And you’ll keep having me checking up on you no matter what. 🙂

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