It’s very quiet today. This is not, in and of itself, unexpected or unusual. But it does nothing for motivation. *sigh*

My holiday knitting is not finished, either. I ran out of yarn for the tank with just the neck edging left to do. Actually, I’m not entirely out, I just know there’s not enough left to finish the neck edging and I didn’t want to start and then have to join yarn in to finish. So I have to run out and get another skein to finish it off tonight.

It’s pr’bly for the best that I gave up on trying to finish the sweater, too; the extra skeins I ordered were sent by Priority Mail from California Monday (or at least, that’s when I got the notice that they’d shipped), but they’re still not here. So even if I had gotten through all the yarn I have, I’d still have been unable to finish on time. :/

I also realized that I wrapped up the Lucy bags and I think the only “finished” picture I got was when they were drying. Oh well. *shrug*

Right.. what was I doing?


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