I think I’ve given up on trying to get the sweater done on time. Between trying to finish the tank for my sister and trying to cram in knitting time on the sweater, it’s just putting too much strain on my hands. :/ I told Jack last night that one of his presents would be late and he wasn’t upset or anything, so that helps. And now that he knows it’s something knit, he volunteered to “go away” upstairs in the evenings so I can work on it at home, too. Such a sweet man sometimes. *chuckle*

The tank, however, is turning out lovely. I’m almost done with the back and then I have to seam it together and do the neck and sleeve edgings and then it will be donedonedone. Then I just have to put the soles on the two pairs of FuzzyFeet and all the holiday knitting (except the sweater.. *sigh*) will be completed. Which means I’ll have more time to spin again. *grin*

I finally figured out Bloglines, too, so I’ll pr’bly play around with that more and hopefully figure out why it doesn’t alwasy seem to update when I update.


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