.. am I the only one..?

It occurred to me this morning to wonder if I’m the only one (I can’t imagine I am) who wears hand knit, pretty socks to their annual exam appointment. I mean, the nurse practitioner’s going to see me without a stitch of clothing on *except* my socks, so I sort of feel like I owe it to her for that stitch of clothing to be .. special. *shrug*

You can tell it’s the end of the semester.. campus is quiet and I have time to do all those things I had wanted to get done at the beginning of the semester. Like the Fact Sheets. *sigh* Better late than never, I guess.

Spinning proceeds apace. I started having issues with the spindle getting unwieldy, for lack of a better word, last night, so I took what I had done off the spindle and wound it into a center pull ball (pr’bly not the right thing to do, but it looks better this way than as the little owl-pellet-looking-bit it came off the spindle as) and started again and it behaved beautifully. (Yes, yes, I know I promised pictures.. soon.)

I need to figure out my sister’s holiday gift. We’re into the last week and I’m still more or less avoiding the Shapely Tank. I did the arm edgings and have the stuff with me to do the neck edgings over lunch, so theoretically I can wash it tonight and find out if it stretches (a lot). But assuming that’s a vain hope, I need to figure out what *else* to make for her. I could do another Falling Leaves scarf, but she looks sallow in yellow and I don’t have any other suitable mohair to hand. I could do a shawl like my Birch, but I’d been wanting to do one for my administrative assistant and don’t want to “burn out” on shawls. I could also do another Shapely Tank and try to get the size right this time. I’ll have to ponder it.


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