Holiday knitting update..

It’s done. Okay, well, not really. But darned close. Both Lucy bags are knit, so I’ll be fulling things sometime in the next week.. I ended up ordering more yarn to make mom a pair of FuzzyFeet and Jack decided (again) that he wants a pair, so I have yarn for his and mom’s on the way, along with 3 pairs of the little Fiber Trends slipper soles. But those will only take a day each. So the fulling party might wait until next week so it can all be done at once. I wonder if I have enough pillowcases..

I still need to do the finishing on the Shapely Tank. I’ve decided I’m avoiding doing it because I don’t want to find out that I did, in fact, make the darned thing too small. *sigh*

And Jack’s sweater is still languishing. I’m hoping that I can knit some on it this weekend, or maybe in the car if Toki rides up front on the way to/from Milwaukee.. We’ll see.

In the meantime, since I can’t work on the sweater in the car and the yarn for the remaining FuzzyFeet hasn’t arrived (and as I’ve already stated, I’m avoiding finishing the Shapely Tank), I decided it was time for something for me. So I cast on for socks with the really gorgeous and amazing soft CashSoft from Kim’s stash. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm. (Except that I cast on too many stitches and have now decided to make them with the Thuja pattern, so I’ll have to rip out what I’ve done and start over. But it’s only two rows, so nothing traumatic.) And if it turns out that the Shapely Tank is too small, she might get the socks (though it would make me very sad to give up such loving softness) as a stand-by and I’ll get her another Shapely Tank later.. like for her birthday in February.

Tonight is the HCWR silent auction thing. I really hope the scarf does well. Or that at least it does *something*. *jitter* On a related note, I have to runrun home after work and cut up fruit and put together a fruit tray (various apples, pears and grapes, with a dip that still needs to be made) and get back to Hokah by 6, which ought to be interesting. Doable, but interesting.


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