Yarn for Sale or Swap!

Whee! I need to destash a bit, or at least get some things that I’m more likely to use in the nearish future. On my monitor most of the colors are pretty true; where they’re not, I’ve so noted. All pictures are clickable thumbnails; clicking them will bring you to a larger picture.

This is Lion Brand Woolspun in Slate Grey, which is a wool blend that is made to be thick-and-thin. It’s constructed a bit like Homespun in that there’s a thread running along with the spun wool to give it a little stability. This yarn has been discontinued. One full skein plus one partial. ($5)

This is Elann Endless Summer Collection Sonata in Black. 100% cotton, two full skeins. ($5)

I think this is something that used to be called Paton’s Classic Chunky or Country or something. It’s a single ply, chunky wool in light blue. There are two full skeins which have been hand balled. I no longer have the wrapper and can’t find any information on line about yardage – Sorry! ($8)

Yarn from a recycled sweater. I like this, but can’t verify the yardage or the yarn content, though I’m pretty sure it’s probably cotton. The yarn is no longer tightly plied. ($5)

Schachenmayr nomotto Micro in purple. The color in this picture is a little darker than actual. A better picture of the color is here. Two full skeins plus a partial (pr’bly half a skein or more). ($6)

Various partial skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy in multiple colorways. I’ve made several Haiku‘s with LB Jiffy and a couple Sonnet‘s as well. It’s a good yarn for kid clothes because it’s machine washable. ($6)

Four skeins plus a mostly full partial of Lily Elite Cotton in peach. 100% cotton. I made a Shapely Tee from this yarn for my sister. ($10)

Wool of the Andes in Chestnut from KnitPicks. I ordered this when I was worried about running out of yarn for my raglan cardigan in hopes that it would be a close enough match to the peruvian wool from an Elann bag sale. It wasn’t, so I ended up using Cranberry in a fibonacci striping pattern instead. ($7)

Numei acrylic chenille in deep garnet (this color appears to be discontinued). This is a very dark black-red, though not as black as the picture makes it appear. I started a cardigan in this yarn and decided I didn’t like it as much as I expected. One panel of the cardi is still knit, but could be frogged if someone wanted more. There are 8 full skeins, plus a partial, unknit. I believe there were 12 full skeins originally. ($12)

Briggs & Little Atlantic in green heather. I made a Rollover Pullover from this for me and while I like it, I can’t wear it next to my skin. I have to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath it or it’s *way* too scratchy. It would likely make great felted bags or the like, though. Seven full skeins, one has been hand balled. I also have at least one partial skein of this around somewhere. ($20)

If any of this strikes your fancy, make me an offer! I’m particularly interested in natural fibers and sock yarns at the moment, though my moods change so if you have something you’d like to offer, throw it out there and we’ll see. I’m also willing to sell any of this outright, so if you’d rather forego the swap bit, let me know.

And while I’m posting pictures, here are a couple of recently finished projects:

Simple ribbed socks in KnitPicks Simply Stripes in Vineyard. I don’t think I like self-patterning sock yarn… I couldn’t figure out what pattern to use to make these for the longest time and ended up just doing them in single rib. I’ve decided I prefer to do some sort of simple lace in the legs of my socks, so I don’t think I’ll be getting any more self-patterning stuff.

MJ’s winter ears. These were her birthday present so she could continue to wear her ears through the winter without catching cold.


3 thoughts on “Yarn for Sale or Swap!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am interested in you Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. Is the price shipped? You can email me at Stalkermagnet54AThotmailDOTcom

  2. Tracy Hite says:

    Would the purple Micro be a good weight for socks? I can do Paypal, email StarsongKY at Yahoo.com

  3. Lisa says:

    I’d love the Briggs and Little! I have sock yarn if you’re interested in a trade. 1 100 gram ball of Lana Grossa Meilenweit in color 3010 (fall colors– greens/blue/brown/white/yellow) and 3 50 gram balls of Lane Cervinia in color 905 (greens/khaki). They’re self-patterning. Let me know if you’re interested or not.. I may be interested in buying outright if the sock yarn doesn’t tempt you.
    lisayoud AT gmail DOT com

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