We had quite a storm roll through this morning. It was gorgeous – lots of “fireworks” but little actual rain relative to the noise – and I would have enjoyed sitting out on the front porch watching it roll through had it not started around quarter to two and lasted until quarter past five. *sigh* As it was, the combination of the noise, a restless little black pig (she’s afraid of storm and tries to hide under things, but no hiding place is ever satisfactory for very long, so she ends up pacing and being generally miserable; she also refuses to come snuggle under the covers or somewhere that we could at least placate our misery on her behalf by trying to comfort her), and a Starbucks pumpkin latte too late in the afternoon kept me more or less conscious for the duration of the storm. Not quite fully awake, but definitely not sleeping either.

As is usual for nights I don’t get much sleep, I’m more or less functional today, but tomorrow is likely to be unbearable, made worse by the prospect of an all morning retreat to discuss our accreditation self-study report. Oh, and the fact that today is our Official Day of Record, so tomorrow I will have the data extracts to start publishing official enrollment and workload data. Not a good day to be zoned. I can only hope that an early bed time tonight will stave off the worst of it.

It was a bittersweet end to what had been a rather enjoyable weekend. I was fairly productive despite it being the first weekend I had pretty much totally to myself in months. Jack had a bachelor party Saturday night, so he left late Saturday morning to go help the groom and best man get things set up and didn’t return until around noon Sunday. Despite the mild temptation to be a lump in front of the PSII all day, I managed to get the Honey Porter bottled (finally..and I somehow managed to get 32 bottles instead of the usual 26), rack the pineapple wine to a glass jug, make pizza crusts, clean the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, write up the stuff I needed to write up to send in for the Minister of Tournaments website, do something on the order of 5 or 6 loads of laundry (some of it was our camp bedding which needed to be washed before getting put away for the winter), and knit some.

I was annoyed to discover, though, that I must have cast on 6 extra stitches when I cast on for the second Padded Footlet (Summer 2005 Interweave Knits) because when I went to start the instep pattern chart last night, I suddenly had 6 more stitches than I need. So I get to rip that back to scratch, which might just have to wait until I’m less frustrated with that project entirely. In the meantime, I’m working on finishing the moss stitch Shapely Tank I’m making for my sister for Christmas so I can free up my US 7 circular needles and then start Jack’s sweater, which I got the yarn for on Friday. The yarn (Cotton Rich) is quite soft and snuggly and appears to shrink lengthwise but not widthwise when washed, which will hopefully be easier to accomodate for. And assuming it’s not been discontinued, if it knits up as nicely as I expect, I might have to use it for Rogue.. But then, I’ve said that about at least half a dozen different yarns in the last couple months and seem completely unable to commit to one of the bunch. *shrug*


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